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Thinking of getting married in Mauritius? 

Bridal couple at Preskil Beach Resort Getting married in Mauritius Couple getting married in Mauritius


What could be more romantic than exchanging vows on a white sandy beach, soothing waves gently lapping at your feet and palm trees gently swaying in the background?


Mauritius has to be one of the most popular Indian Ocean Island destinations for a wedding abroad and with all the hotels fully equipped to cater for most requests for your special day, why not consider combining your wedding and honeymoon on this paradise island? In Mauritius you will be spoilt for choice: a small intimate ceremony in your own private villa, surrounded by close family and friends or a more lavish, traditional wedding right on the beach. The choice is yours!


Documentation that will be required:


We will need to receive clear photocopies of all of the below documents at least 5 weeks before the wedding date so that we can send these through to Mauritius. All originals will be required during the formalities in Mauritius.

- 1 copy of the birth cerficate (full unabridged copy) of both parties

- 1 copy of the main pages of each passport (usually the first 3 pages)

- Any document relating to a previous divorce, the decease of previous husband/wife or a change of name (in case the bride has obtained her final decree of divorce less than 10 months before the new wedding date, we must also have a medical certificate confirming that she is not pregnant. The ceremony cannot be performed otherwise).  All documents have to be original copies - certified copies are not excepted.

- A letter from both parties attesting that they want to get married in Mauritius and stating their chosen date. This document should bear the current permanent address of each party and their profession.




During the formalities in Port Louis, the couple must be appropriately dressed, according to the Supreme Court rules: gentlemen should wear long trousers and closed shoes. Shorts and mini-skirts are not permitted as well as open shoes/slip-ons for men.

 After you arrive in Mauritius and at least 2 working days before the wedding day, you will have to go the capital city, Port Louis, for the following formalities:

- Go to the Civil Status Office to have your passports and all other original documentation checked against the copies sent prior to your arrival. If everything is in order, the officer will give you a document certifying that you are non-residents of Mauritius.

- An officer of the attorney's office will prepare the draft of the affidavit and will accompany you to the Supreme Court.

- At the Supreme Court you will swear the affidavit before the Chief Registrar

- After all the formalities in Port Louis, you will proceed to the Civil Status Office situated in the vicinity of your hotel for the preparation of the Bans.

The wedding can be celebrated at least 24 hours after the publication of the Bans (if all the formalities have been completed and are agreeable to all parties concerned) either at the Civil Status Office of the area where the couple is residing or in any private premises, like the hotel for example.   The ceremony will be performed by the Civil Status Officer of the area where the couple is residing.


Other important information:


- Other documentation may be required in specific cases. You will be notified in such instances.

- Documents can either be sent by fax or by email (scanned copies), but they must be legible and should be in English or French.

- All copies of the required documents have to be sent to us at least 5 weeks prior to the couple's arrival in Mauritius.

- The couple must be in Mauritius at least 2 working days before the scheduled wedding date.

- The ceremony can take place on any weekday (from Monday to Friday) except on public holidays and the final date will also depend on the availability of the Civil Status Officer.   The ceremony can be performed in English or French.

- In addition to the usual documents produced by non-citizens and non-residents for the celebration of their Civil Wedding in Mauritius, all French Nationals also have to produce a "certificat a capacite de mariage".

Civil Ceremony Charge (sold in colaboration with your honeymoon package to Mauritius) includes:

- Registrar, solicitor and all legal administrative costs

- The transport to Port Louis for the fomalities

- The transport to the Civil Status office near your hotel and back to the hotel thereafter


All other wedding costs, like those for photographer, gala dinners, hair & make-up, music and flower arrangements are arranged with your dedicated wedding co-ordinator at the hotel.  All of these extras are settled direct at the hotel.

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